Support a Managing Partner with a Mentor

Article by Anne Harnetty and Andrew Manning

It is lonely at the top.
As a leader your role can be lonely and stressful and never more so than in the current Covid-19
pandemic when leadership skills have been constantly tested. We all face an uncertain future, firstly
in short-term survival and then in the longer-term. Even the most organised firm could not have
foreseen the need for a strategy for Coronavirus in their 2020 plans. Your staff will be frightened on
many levels as they work from home in isolation probably for the first time.


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The challenges of multi-jurisdictional mergers and office set-ups

Jenny Jones for Jonson Beaumont Core.

Expanding your firm internationally is both a great opportunity, and a risk if not planned and executed properly.  There are many examples of firms entering new markets and enhancing their reputation internationally, but also cases – perhaps less well-known – where a new office fails to live up to its initial promise despite considerable effort and money.

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What Gets Forgotten When Law Firms Merge?

Firms need to remember that people at all levels matter. Of course, there will be a focus on corporate goals and ambitions that the merger will bring but there is seldom a merger of equals and staff in the smaller firm may fear for their jobs, fear that their responsibilities will change and that their career development will stop.

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Do Partners Help Or Hinder Mergers?

Ultimately, a merger between law firms will only go head if sufficient Partners from both firms vote for it. The merger will only be successful, and deliver the expected benefits, if sufficient Partners in
the merged firm combine to help deliver these benefits and pro-actively support the achievement of client synergies, business development, operational enhancement, cost savings, and adoption of
new systems and processes.

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How to overcome financial integration challenges in a merging law firm

Merger integrations planning is vital because from day one the merged firms should know exactly who and what they are. For any chance of a successful merger, an integrated finance function is vital
and should be a “must have” from the beginning.

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Jonson Beaumont Core

Are you thinking of merging? Or perhaps struggling with a recent merger? Integration will give rise to some tough questions, so you must deal with them before day one of the merger. Leadership, decision making processes and identifying “where the buck stops” on both legal and administrative issues are crucial to success.

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IT – A key component for a successful merger

Post-merger there are many important components to make the new firm come together as one. Brand, location, a common strategy. But one of the most tangible is the IT systems. It is amazing how just 3 months before the merger Partners likened using the PMS to descend into Dante’s 4th circle of hell. Then post-merger they are willing to man the barricades to defend “their” IT systems.

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Beyond COVID 19: What will law firms need in a Finance Director?

See your Finance Director as more than just a number cruncher who has kept the firm in-line regarding expenses and runs so many spreadsheets.

By Paul Browne, Anne Harnetty and Peter Scott.

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Can your IT Department be a profit centre?

Maybe it is time to take a leaf out of the Accountancy firms’ book. They have a track record of building up their consultancy arms to produce alternative income streams other than just audit.

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Has lockdown highlighted social loafers in your firm?

Anybody who has worked in a team will recognise this phenomenon. They will have seen colleagues pretending to beaver away while taking things easy. They will also have noted how corrosive it can be when even a small minority decides to slack. As one psychologist said: “Social loafing can prove contagious because those putting in a shift start to feel like suckers.”

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Are you a resilient Leader?

“One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow, because I’m empathetic, it means I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.” Jacinda Ardern

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Is this the time NEDs can deliver value?

As a leader your role can be lonely and stressful and never more so than in the current Covid-19 pandemic when leadership skills are constantly tested.

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Marketing and Business Development are not the Enemy

Marketing and Business Development are quite distinct concepts although they are deeply intertwined. Marketing is not so much a series of initiatives (such as promotion) but rather a business philosophy that puts the client at the centre of everything a firm does. It is a business process and culture that recognises the following above all else.

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HR, are you seen as an overhead or an invaluable part of the business?

Can you effectively quantify and demonstrate the benefits of real investment in HR?

We are being asked for more strategic HR Directors as firms continue to gain competitive advantage., where the HR Director really does deliver strategic and commercial advice.

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Do you get value from your CFO?

A high performing CFO will help you identify and articulate key performance indicators, will provide high level management information to support and help you drive decision making within the bigger picture of your strategic business plans.

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What is innovation?

Every firm we work with has a different idea of innovation but how can you get competitive advantage when ideas are short lived? There is constant pressure to gain competitive advantage but how do firms continually do that when it is a difficult concept to pin down?.

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Can a CEO really make a difference? A thought piece

In a recent article in the Lawyer, Bjarne Phillip Tellmann, senior vice president and general counsel of Pearson plc said “In a world where change is the only constant, success will only come to those who can adapt.” So do you have a leader who can help you meet the challenges your firm is facing who thinks like a businessman and less like a lawyer? We have outlined how we believe a Chief Executive can help you make a difference. How you adapt clearly depends on your own individual circumstances and a Chief Executive can help you understand how this applies to you. This is a role that can be structured to meet your needs and your budget be that on a permanent or contract basis.

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A Finance Director of the Future

By Anne Harnetty and Peter Scott. What do you look for in a Finance Director – traditionalist or modernist? The market for legal services is changing and the pace of change is accelerating, as the impact of the Legal Services Act and a …

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