Every firm we work with has a different idea of innovation but how can you get competitive advantage when ideas are short lived? There is constant pressure to gain competitive advantage but how do firms continually do that when it is a difficult concept to pin down?.

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Can a CEO really make a difference? A thought piece


In a recent article in the Lawyer, Bjarne Phillip Tellmann, senior vice president and general counsel of Pearson plc said “In a world where change is the only constant, success will only come to those who can adapt.” So do you have a leader who can help you meet the challenges your firm is facing who thinks like a businessman and less like a lawyer? We have outlined how we believe a Chief Executive can help you make a difference. How you adapt clearly depends on your own individual circumstances and a Chief Executive can help you understand how this applies to you. This is a role that can be structured to meet your needs and your budget be that on a permanent or contract basis.

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Non-Executive Directors, do you need one?


A non-executive could be a real asset to your firm and help deliver real value. They can bring real strategic vision, rigour and transparency; a well-chosen non-executive director can contribute strongly to your firm in a variety of areas.

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A conversation with Chris White, Interim CIO


As a CIO/ IT Director Chris has work in large global law firm (Ashurst and Kennedys) Financial Services (NPI and Schroder) plus suppliers such as Mimecast. This has given him a unique view on how technology can be used to its best advantage.

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A conversation with Robert Chambers, Interim CFO/COO


Robert is a commercially focussed CFO/COO with 25 years’ experience within the legal sector. As a specialist in change management within partnerships his recent interim assignments have been with newly formed entities or merged firms.

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A conversation with Ian Jeffery, Managing Partner at Lewis Silken


Managing Partner since 2005, Ian leads the firm’s overall direction and strategy, working closely with the firm’s Partners and Directors. In addition to his legal experience, Ian has an MBA from London Business School. As one of Lewis Silkin’s Media, Brands and Technology partners, Ian also works with clients in the creative industries resolving a wide variety of intellectual property and other disputes.

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A Finance Director of the Future


By Anne Harnetty and Peter Scott. What do you look for in a Finance Director – traditionalist or modernist? The market for legal services is changing and the pace of change is accelerating, as the impact of the Legal Services Act and a …

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Challenges to legal businesses (from an IT perspective).


By J Abrahams Head of IT Harold Benjamin. This paper outlines some of the core issues that will formulate longer term IT strategies within law firms.

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Do you need a CEO?


By Anne Harnetty: It is frequently recognised that strategic management skills are required, particularly where the Managing Partner does not wish to stand again and so return to client matters, and where firms have lost the fee earning capability that a Managing Partner can bring. A Chief Executive can help evolve a business strategy and can relieve them of tedious administrative responsibilities and routine tasks.

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How to manage risk


By Mike Gorick Practice Manager Gregory Rowcliffe Milners. Fee earners want autonomy, but law firms want managed risk. How can they align risk and compliance into a workflow process? There is potentially an immediate conflict when squaring the issue of risk management with the aspirations of many fee-earners, who naturally want to practise good law with a fair degree of autonomy. Originally published in the Law Gazette

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Forward Thinking


This is a report specially commissioned by Barclays Bank, the first in-depth survey of forward thinking in UK business, to offer organisations a competitive edge by remaining relevant in today’s and tomorrow’s market place.

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Time Recording


By Karl Wingfield, Chief Operating Officer, BP Collins Solicitors. Depending on who you listen to, time recording is an important determinant of the value of work done for a client, or, colloquially, “time expands to fill the fee available”, and is of no value to the client. What end of the spectrum do you sit at, or are you somewhere in between?

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Working for a US Firm


By Tony Bash. An insider’s view on the differences of working for a US firm compared to a UK firm.

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How are you valued


By Anne Harnetty. How many law firms really regard these managers as a critical part of the business? Do they in fact only look at this from the perspective of hiring legal talent and the business support teams are still considered as little more than a cost?

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